About AgriLife Extension

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service provides education to Texas residents based on university research. The mission of AgriLife Extension is to improve the lives of people, businesses, and communities across Texas and beyond. The expertise provided by Extension is available to every resident in every Texas county. Our network consists of 250 county Extension offices, over 600 Extension agents, and more than 300 subject-matter specialists.

About Ecosystem Science and Management

The Ecosystem Science and Management Unit of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service provides resources to the citizens of Texas that improve the science, education, and management of rangelands and ecosystems. Our unit is comprised of Extension Range Specialists who work directly with County Extension Agents to provide relevant science based information and active applied research and demonstration opportunities for furthering knowledge on subjects important to their citizens. The state of Texas consists of a mixture of different ecological areas, so we customize our outreach programs to provide relevant education to the area which is of importance to you. Whether you are trying to effectively manage the land in your West Texas ranch during a drought or determine your livestock carrying capacity for East Texas pastures, our specialists can provide you with the most current science-based information. Through this partnership, we can improve the quality of our state’s environment and of our everyday lives.


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