Programs & Resources

Creating programs and providing resources that improve Texas is a very major focus of AgriLife Extension. Our unit’s programs and resources focus on improving ecosystems throughout the state (primarily rangeland and forestry). Whether it is managing a ranch in west Texas or attempting to grow a loblolly forest in the east, we can assist you.

Brush and Weed Management

  • Rangeland Plants of Texas Database
    • Brush & Weeds of Texas Rangelands
    • Common Texas Invasive Plants
    • Toxic Plants of Texas
    • Know Your Grasses
  • Brush Busters
  • Weed Busters
  • Brush Sculptors

Plant Identification

  • South Texas Herbarium
  • Texas Natural Resources Web Site
  • Pecos River Ecosystem Project
  • Copano Bay Water Quality Education Project
  • Texas Goldmine Applied Research and Demonstrations
  • Youth Range Workshop

Youth Programs

  • Youth Range Workshop


Tree Care

  • Tree Care Kit
  • Find a Tree Care Service
  • Find a Certified Arborist
  • Extension Horticulture -PLANTanswers


  • Encyclopedia of Southern Bioenergy
  • Forest Bioenergy

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

  • Tree Care Kit
  • Drought Management

Continuing Education

  • CFEgroup (Continuing Forestry Education)
  • Natural Resource Webinars

Non-Profit Organizations

  • TreeLink
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Texas ISA
  • Texas Forest Service Urban Forestry
  • Texas Urban Forestry Council
  • Tree Folks
  • National Arbor Day Foundation

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