Toxic Plant Management Publications

Pub. Number Name and Author(s)
B-6105 Toxic Plants of Texas
By: Charles R. Hart, Tom Garland, Catherine Barr, Bruce B. Carpenter, John C. Reagor
E-110 Rangeland Risk Management for Texans: Toxic Plants
By: Charles R. Hart
E-25 Integrated Toxic Plant Management Handbook: Livestock Poisoning Plants of the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas
By: Charles R. Hart, Allan McGinty, Bruce B. Carpenter
E-38 Reducing Livestock Losses To Toxic Plants
By: Allan McGinty, Richard V. Machen
E-65 Rangeland Drought Management for Texans: Toxic Range Plants
By: Charles R. Hart, Bruce B. Carpenter
L-5174 The Dirty Dozen: Livestock Poisoning Range Plants of The Trans-Pecos Region
By: Charles R. Hart

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